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The Stanley Family History

Lynn and Lucille StanleyLucille & Michael at Nursing Home (2002)

Lynn and Lucille Stanley went to South Africa as missionaries in November 1953 with their four sons Darrel, Michael, Duane and Larry. During their first term in South Africa a daughter, Debbie, was born.

Lynn Stanley established the Bible Training School in Kimberley and in 1959 moved the school to Umzumbe. There it was called Umzumbe Bible Institute. He taught ministers and church leaders at these schools from 1954 until his retirement in 1989.

Lynn and Lucille retired in South Africa, where they lived near Michael and Debbie. After several strokes, Lynn passed away in October, 1999.

Lucille lived for another 12 years with her health gradually declining. She passed away in a nursing home on January 2, 2012 at age 91.

Michael and Caryl Stanley Family

Michael and Caryl met at the Kimball Minnesota Church of Christ in 1966. They married on June 7, 1969.After Michael graduated from Minnesota Bible College in Minneapolis in May, 1971, they raised support and went to South Africa to join his father in the work at Umzumbe Bible Institute in December, 1971. Michael taught at Umzumbe Bible Institute and became principal when his father retired in 1989. Umzumbe Bible Institute closed at the end of 1994 and Michael and Caryl returned to the United States. From 1995 until 1997 Michael and Caryl lived in Norfolk Nebraska. They taught at Nebraska Christian College and studied at Wayne State College. They both earned Masters’ Degrees in education. They returned to South Africa in January 1998. They preach and teach in the churches in KwaZulu Natal and participate in the annual Ministers’ Week, Conference, National Youth Seminar and teach intensive courses at South African Bible Institute. Because of the serious situation with HIV/AIDS, they have become involved in youth work especially with Magog Primary School and Mntwan'ungamizizwe High School.

Michael and Caryl continue to work with the churches in KwaZulu Natal. Their goal is to develop a self-perpetuating church.  Michael was elected to the position of treasurer of the national church organization in 2009. Michael was re-elected in 2011 and 2014. He works to maintain a high standard of integrity in church finances. He is training others to do his job when he is no longer available for the position at elections in 2017.

Stanley Family 2015When Michael and Caryl went to South Africa, they were a young couple with no children. During the 1970’s three children (all girls) were born to them in South Africa. All of them grew up there and have made it their permanent home and now have their own families with 6 grandchildren.

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Pictures of the Family

  Dina Thorncroft Thorncrofts in 2015

When Dina finished high school she worked as a nurse aid in Pieter-maritzburg for one year before going to Cape Town to study at the University of Cape Town. She obtained her Bachelor of Nursing degree in nursing in 1995.

While Dina was studying in Cape Town she met Sean Thorncroft and in July, 1996 they were married. They lived in Port Elizabeth for a short time and then moved to Empangeni and later to Port Shepstone in KwaZulu/Natal.

In 2014 she did further studies and qualified as a nurse educator. She is employed by South Coast Hospice as a nurse and trainer of other nurses and nurses aids.

Sean is an orthotist/prosthetist and works in Port Shepstone and Margate.

Dina and Sean have three daughters. Rebecca Nancy was born February 4, 1998, Gabriella Lynn was born April 26, 2001 and Erin Lael was born 5 March, 2010.  In 2014 they bought a house in Uvongo.

Four Grand Daughters 2010Pictured at right are Gabriella Thorncroft (age 9) holding Erin (1 day old) and Rebecca Thorncroft (age 12) holding Chayah Ferreira (15 months).  Pictured below is the 3rd birthday celebration of Erin Thorncroft under the watchful eye of Uncle JP Ferreira, also celebrating a birthday. Erin's Birthday with Uncle JPErin's big Sis looks on.

  Diane Evans Evans Family - 2015

When Diane finished school she served on a Christian music and drama team for one year. Then she started working and studying through UNISA, a correspondence university. She graduated in 2000 with a degree in English and Communications. She worked as a teachers' aid before becoming a community worker for Scripture Union. Over the next few years Scripture Union grew and she became area director and later regional director. In 2009 she was promoted to National Training Coordinator.

In 1995 Diane married her childhood sweetheart, Michael "Mac" MacPherson, whom she had known since she was 8 years old. He worked as a builder and later as the manager of the Oribi Bible Camp. In June 2007 Michael was diagnosed with lung cancer and he passed away in June 2008.

Diane & John Evans

Diane and MatthewIn July 2010 Diane married John Evans. He works for Halfway Toyota as after-sales service manager. 

Matthew Caleb, our only grandson, was born on October 26, 2011. They live on the family farm at Margate.

  Dawn Ferreira Dawn & JP Ferreira & daughters

When Dawn finished high school she returned to the US with us. She got an Associate of Arts degree at Nebraska Christian College. When we returned to South Africa she worked for a lawyer for two years and then served on a music and drama team for two years. Then she worked with children in a hospital and orphanage and studied through UNISA, a correspondence university. She has a Bachelors Degree in education. She now teaches at Port Shepstone Junior Primary School, the same school she and her sisters and even her dad and uncles and aunt attended.

In February 2005 she married Jean-Pierre "JP" Ferreira, whom she met while working and studying. JP works for South Coast VW and Audi in their IT division.
Caryl with Granddaughers, Chaya and Seanna.
They have two daughters. Chayah Mackaylee was born December 16, 2008 and Seanna Kaylin was born on July 8, 2011. They bought their own home in Uvongo in 2015.

Here Chayah and Seanna are snuggling with Grandma Caryl.