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Photo Gallery

Easter Conference in KwaZulu Natal - 2013

Ministers - KwaZulu Natal 2013

Ministers with the churches of the region. Standing, l. to r. -- Michael Stanley, Patrick Sithebe, Caiaphas Ncanana, Bro. Nyawo, Shadrack Mazibuko, Aaron Lubanyane and kneeling -- Sipho Nhlenyama. The retirement of Bro Nyawo is offset by the addition of Sipho Nhelenyama.

Minister's Wives, Easter 2013  

Wives of ministers. Standing l. to r. -- Mrs. Zobolo (her husband had suffered a stroke and was unable to attend), Mrs. Lubanyana, Mrs. Nyawo, Caryl Stanley, Corina Sithebe.

Various Activities of Caryl and Michael Stanley 

Stanleys at Traveling Display During Michael's and Caryl's travels, their constant companion has been their display, which has now been in nine states, including Ohio and Oklahoma.



Michael Speaking to  High School Students Every Tuesday morning before school, Michael brings a message to the assembled students of Mntwan'ungamizizwe High School.
The messages are Bible based and deal with issues like developing positive relation-ships, setting goals for yourself, maintaining your spiritual life, AIDS awareness, and occasionally he is able to add an evangelistic message.

Caryl teaching 7th grade boys. Caryl is facilitating a small group at a Life Skills camp for 7th Grade pupils from Magog Primary School. One teacher said that even the naughtiest boys in the class behaved like angels during the camp.

Michael preaching at Life Skills camp Michael brought the Sunday morning message for the Life Skills camp for the 7th Grade pupils from Magog Primary School. The students did not look like they were paying attention, but after the message nearly half of the 50 students responded by coming forward at the invitation.

Michael teaching Life Skills at school Michael teaches Life Skills to the 7th Grade at the Magog Primary School.

At most funerals Michael would never mention AIDS as that would effectively be an accusation against the family - a serious insult. Bongi Shabalala's Funeral
But here at the funeral of Bongi Shabalala he could speak openly about it, because she had admitted publicly that she was suffering from AIDS. Notice the red ribbon symbol for AIDS on her coffin.  Consequently, Michael could preach about God's answer to the pandemic.

The Horicon (Minnesota) Church of Christ provided this house for the 2006/2007 furlough.

Horicon in Summer
Summer 2006

Horicon in Winter
Winter 2007 before the really big snows came in February.

Caryl teachingCaryl teaches a class at the South African Bible Institute in Sunday School Teaching. Caryl is committed to developing church leaders who are equipped to teach.

Michael with Bro. Sibiya and Bro. Mngomezulu
Michael discusses some church related issues with Bro. Sibiya and Bro. Mngomezulu in the Eshowe area.

Umzumbe Bible Institute being repaired.
Repairs and painting were done at Umzumbe Bible Institute in preparation for the Stanley furlough. Two burglaries in October did significant damage and also resulted in the theft of some equipment.